WCD Bearings Team

  • Bart Swings
    Bart Swings, inline speed skater
    Bart Swings is a World and European Champion inline speed skater, as wheel as an olympian in ice speed skating. His speed skating performances have made him the athlete of his generation
  • Sergi Nicolas
    Sergi Nicolas, street board
    Sergi Nicolas is the best athlete that ever rode a street board, when Sergi is not winning world championships he is traveling around the world in the search for the longest rail or biggest gap you can imagine.
  • Roman Abrate
    Roman Abrate, aggressive inline
    Roman is known big the big moves and by landing tricks before everyone else. spinning, flipping, grinding, Roman can do it all with an amazing precision and faster then everyone else.
  • Ricardo Lino
    Ricardo Lino, wheel Addict
    Lino Started skating at the Age of 2 and at the age of 35 nothings seems to stop him, from rollerskates, to aggressive skating or even triskating, Ricardo Lino is a Wheel Addict.
  • Kid Block
    Kid Block, roller derby
    Kid Block only touched her first pair of rollerskates 6 years ago, but with such a fast progression she is already a sensation in the roller Derby World.
  • Ewelina Czapla
    Ewelina Czapla, Freeskate Inline
    Despite her young age Ewelina Czapla has many years of skating experience. In addition to her WSSA World Class League standings, Ewelina spent most of her time traveling and doing workshops and training a new generation of slalom skaters.
  • Sebastian Hofbauer
    Sebastian Hofbauer, skateboard
    Sebastian used to be known by the surf looking kid shredding on a skate board, nowadays he´s not a kid anymore, he is SUPER TECH and kills all types of terrain on a board.
  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez, scooter